A New Direction

Since I last posted I’ve made some fairly major changes. I wasn’t happy with the way things were going – I was constantly fighting the language which made me less happy to carry on – in particular being unable to use third party packages in the web worker was a major hurdle. I was also finding the abstract nature of the game was making it less fun to write.

So I made the decision to start again in a language I was far more familiar with – C# – and write a new game with a slightly new direction. I went straight into the latest version of .net core rather than the framework I’m more familiar with, and using Visual Studio Code as an editor.

The first hurdle I came to was the fact there’s no default graphical UI for .net core – this really surprised me. I know the focus is on web hosted applications but the complete rejection of the standalone app was surprising. Not everything should be done through the browser! Anyway, to get around this I’ve been dabbling with Avalonia UI which seems fairly similar to other things I’ve used in the past.

The next change I made was to focus a little bit more on a game that has a bit more in the way of interactions. So rather than an abstract world, I’ve started a game with a world map that you can move your character around. Idle elements remain – when the character is not moving they will gather resources from their surroundings, and there are factories and potentially minions that will gather resources for you.

Anyway, not sure how often I’ll update it here, but possibly more than once a year!

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