0.3.0 online!

I’ve updated the game online to be version 0.3.0. New features in this release:

  • Added ritual UI for starting and showing available rituals
  • Added support for temporary rituals
  • Added Ritual of Keen Sight
  • Added simple log display for the last few messages
  • Added log display for exploration discoveries
  • Fixed issue with regions not saving

It’s not the most glamorous release and there’s a lot of very obvious UI issues – it really is a mess at the moment! But this is a personal project and in a very early stage anyway.

You can play the game at http://www.mrsneeze.com/witch/

I am thinking I should get a new URL for this though, as mrsneeze.com is a bit of an old thing for me. Have to think about what I want to call it – which also reminds me I need to think what to call the game! I’ve considered a few things but I’m not settled on anything yet. “A Witch’s Work” is the name that has the most traction but I’m not convinced. Maybe something to think about today.

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