Getting Ready for 0.3.0

I’ve finished off the implementation of the Ritual of Keen Sight now – that went pretty much to plan, which is surprising as generally plans fall apart once you start implementing.

I also implemented a very simple version of a log history – it literally just keeps three lines at the bottom of the screen, so it’s not very advanced, but it fills the need. I find it’s a lot easier to improve on an existing feature than to start from a blank page.

So I think I’m ready to get 0.3.0 out. There’s only really one major feature but that’s fine, and there’s a lot of polish that needs doing, but I can do that later.

The Future

I tend to take this moment to think about what I could possibly do in a future release. As I don’t have a particular plans right now, this tends to crystallise what I need to do next.


For example, I like the idea of expeditions, where, once you’ve explored a bit further, you’d go on a longer trip that takes a while to get there, but once you’re there you gather resources in bulk.

This would effectively be offline production – it wouldn’t be sensible to do an expedition while online, but offline they make sense.

If I’m heading down this route, I should add an exploration screen and an exploration action in the near future.


This is perhaps a little further on, but I really would like Familiars to feature in this game. These would be things that would be able to gather on your behalf, but you have some control over them unlike buildings which always do the same thing forever.

They would in theory gain abilities in the same way as you would, and with advanced resets in the far distant future you’d be able to bring familiars with you when you start again, allowing them to keep their skills too.

To work towards this I would need to think about how non-building actors improve skills when doing actions, which is another direction I’ve been planning.

So there we are; two possible avenues for future work. We’ll see how I feel once I’ve finished off 0.3.0!

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