Version 0.2.0 online

Since more releases are generally better than fewer, I thought it’d be a good idea to get into the right habits of releasing early and releasing often. I don’t want to be releasing once a year – games like this work better if they’re kept up to date.

Release Overview

The main feature here is exploration. It isn’t very obvious at the moment, but if you set your action to forage, you will steadily unlock explored things in the “Inside” tab, and there will be new options such as gathering herbs or building flower gardens. It might take a couple of minutes to discover the first new thing.

There’s also some new resources, wood and rocks. They can’t be used yet!

From a UI perspective there is now a menu bar with different pages where a different set of options should be available. This means you can now access the building page and construct new items.

Finally, if you want to start again you can do a reset in the options menu. This is currently a hard reset as there’s nothing that would carry over between resets implemented yet!

Play the game

As ever, you can play the game here.

Change List

New Features:

  • Added exploration
  • Added rocks and wood to forage
  • Added research requirements to gather actions
  • Added menu bar for view switching
  • Added options and about sections
  • Added buildings window
  • Added soft reset option
  • Added link to the blog

Balance Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

  • Shortened forage timer
  • Fixed display of resources to not show more than 3 decimal places.

Future Plans

The main big feature of 0.3 will be rituals – some of this functionality exists already, but is not accessible. Rituals are one-time actions that when complete give you bonuses, such as unlocking new constructions, adding to the production of your gardens for the remainder of the game, temporary repeatable buffs or giving you information that is hidden.

These will live in the Inside page, and initially will be quite simple – available rituals will be listed along with the cost; you pay the cost and then spend time doing the ritual. Once the ritual is complete, the bonus is gained and you revert to foraging.

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