Deciding a Theme and First Design Steps

I’m both lucky and unlucky here when it comes to theme. I can choose literally anything…which means I don’t have any guide as to what I can pick. So I just have to not be stuck with indecision.

Given my game type, I need a theme that

  • I can discuss with friends and family, so not too obscure and something they would like
  • I can find a character type and an objective for an idle game
  • I can grow the design of the game by adding features, so not too narrow

The theme I’ve picked is witches and magic. This gives a simple starting point – you are a witch (which in my world can be male or female) and you need to gather power.

What exactly power means I’m going to allow to form later – this isn’t something I’d do for a commercial game as you need a definite end point, but for the sake of this blog and for a casual developer, this is something I can think about while I get stuck into the initial game loops.

So for the sake of the initial first stab, the first resource you will gather is herbs. The scene is set: You are a witch, living in a cottage in the middle of a forest. You can go into the forest to gather herbs for your magic, and with enough herbs you can plant a herb garden to produce even more herbs over time.

Next step: What language do I use? The questions for me to think about is can I find a language and development environment that, amongst other things:

  • Can make a web based game
  • Is not too unusual so the tutorials have some value
  • Is available for free
  • Doesn’t restrict distribution and has flexibility to change platform

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