State of Clay

This is a list of known issues and future features.


  • Events are not saved.
  • Buttons are not aligned properly on event screen.

UI features

  • Consider golem portraits.
  • Breakdown display of storage limits.
  • Sell goods for essence.
  • Construction resources left display.
  • Construction sites for storage.
  • Improved Event display.
  • New game screen.
  • Last event in panel on all screens.
  • Log filtering.
  • Mark unavailable resources on tooltips.

Game features

  • Event diversity.
  • Reset progress for benefit.
  • Construction sites for storage (and possibly other buildings).
  • Quest system for longer term events.
  • Stats and achievements.

Internal maintenance

  • Merge create golem action into golem type.
  • Unify serialisation system.

Historical issues

  • v0.1.3 and early autosaved games are not autoloaded, and will expire early.