Idle Game v0.1.4

Release: 13 December 2016

  • Corrected expiry time of cookies.
  • Changed the name of the cookies and added storage for the last saved game separately from autosave.
  • Widended log panel and added vertical alignment.
  • Corrected invalid HTML in various static pages.
  • Fixed events respect unlocked status correctly.
  • Added worker pool system for workers that can persist over resets.
  • Added method for research, buildings and resources that can persist over resets.
  • Added very basic reset system that has no benefits.
  • Added game stats system.
  • Added event: Inspiration.
  • .
  • Added game stat: Resets, Buildings, Golems created, Golems recruited, Events handled.
  • Added research: Pyrosite Research.
  • Balance: Reduce pyrosite storage limits.

State of Clay v0.1.3

Release: 29 October 2016

  • Display is refreshed when creating golems.
  • Display is refreshed on research screen.
  • Removed "Test Field" on loading.
  • Added more names for golems.
  • Added ability to reassign golem locations on the worker screen.
  • Added feature to lock workers so they can't be reassigned.
  • Added convert and train event effects.
  • Added better feedback on event effects.
  • Added event: Cracked Crystals.
  • Added building: Crystal Warehouse.

Idle Game v0.1.2

Release: 17 October 2016

  • Added names to workers
  • Added the capibility to have different types of worker in the future
  • Added the event system
  • Added event: Mana Surge

Idle Game v0.1.1

Release: 25 September 2016

  • Greyed out buttons of research and buildings that you can't afford.
  • Added research: Pyrosite Focus
  • Added building: Pyrosite Purifier
  • Balancing changes

Idle Game v0.1.0

Release: 1 September 2016

  • Initial relase.