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State of Clay v0.1.4

This version released 13 December 2016

You awake without memory in a strange land. You can recall two things: how to create golems and how to reduce anything to its magical essence.

This is a very early version of this game! Here's some hints:

  • Most buildings will produce nothing unless they have workers in.
  • Golems in buildings will usually train their skills and become better workers.
  • New buildings can be unlocked via research.
  • Excess goods that cannot be stored are turned into essence.
  • Golems require mana; if you run out of mana, they will work in the mana well for this cycle at 1/4 efficiency and not consume mana.

WARNING: This game is not stable

  • I make no assurances that a savegame from this version will be loadable in future versions.
  • There may be a point where I make savegames incompatible on purpose (eg to reset everyone's progress, or because there are too few players to matter at the moment)
  • Numbers can and will change wildly - I'm taking a tweak as needed approach to balancing at this point.
  • There is a hard limit to progress currently and no reset.
Features that are in the pipeline:
  • A method to convert goods to essence which are below the storage limit.
  • Breakdown display of storage limits.
  • Reset game for a benefit.
  • A way to tell how far you are away from being able to build or construct something.
  • Quests - long term events with a defined goal.

You can find the complete changelog here and a list of known issues.