Blink Discography.

This is probably incomplete. I dont really know what they've done, just what I have.


A Map of the Universe by Blink
CD / LPTracks: Its Not My Fault - Chello (Album Mix) - Happy Day - Everything Comes, Everything Goes - Snow (Be Precious) - Fundamentally Loveable Creature - Love Me - The Greatest Trick - Going to Nepal - Theres Something Wrong With Normans Mom - Christmas 22 - Is God Really Groovy? - Separation
Released 1994, Lime Records, CDPCS 7369 (CD), PCS 7369 (LP) - (UK)

The End Is High
Tracks: A planet made of rain - Would you kill for love? - Chello - Dead little bird - The luckiest man alive - This one is wild - The girl with the backwards skin - Sky land scraper paper fly - The Raven - The house that illuminates your thoughts - Baby you broke my heart, but you know... - I'm not sorry now - Fundamentally lovable creature
Released Feb 1998, Mutant Sound System, MSS 0027-2 (CD) - (US) Released 10th June 2000 (Ireland)

Deep Inside the Sound of Silence
Tracks: The tiny magic indian - Angel of light (catwoman) - To go - We all know what happens next - Snow White has let you down again - Don't you rollerblade in Nashville, Tennesse? - Don't panic - Just come out - Temperature rising - Walk away
Released 2004, Serene Records, blinkcd03 (CD) - (Ireland)


Going To Nepal
Tracks: Going to nepal - Going to nepal (heaven mix) - Is god really groovy? - Shake everything
Released 1993, Lime Records, CDEM 292 (CD) - (UK)

Is God Really Groovy?
Tracks: Is God Really Groovy? - That was a Happy day
Released 1994?, Lime Records - (UK)

It's Not My Fault
12" / CD: Tracks: Its not my fault - Eds got a new car - Five new friends - Shiny Jim
Released 1994, Lime Records, CDR 6376 (CD), 12R 6376 (12") - (UK)

Happy Day
Tracks: Happy day - Happy day (carrot cake mix) - Everything comes, everything goes - Hank
Released 1994, Lime Records, CDR 6385 (CD) - (UK)

CD1: Tracks: Chello (7" Version) - Chello (Ambient 12" Version) - Chello (Millwall Brick Mix) - Wonderful Scene
CD2: Tracks: Chello (7" version) - Fundamnetally Lovable Creature (live) - Love Me (live) - Chello (live)
Released 1994, Lime Records CDRS 6393 (CD1) - (UK)

Baby You Broke My Heart But You Know...
Tracks: Baby You Broke My Heart But You Know (4 different mixes?).
Released 10th June 2000 - I think (Ireland)

Would You Kill For Love
Tracks: Would you Kill For Love? (4 different mixes?)
Released 2000 sometime - I think (Ireland)


It's Not My Fault - Promo
Tracks: Its not my fault - Eds got a new car - Five new friends
12" Promotional. Lime Records 12RDJ 6376 (UK?)

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